EVAC1 Is The Answer...

If your business is like so many other propane facilities, your time is spent obtaining new customers and servicing existing ones. YOUR service techs' time is valuable! If you have no time for yard cleanup and tank prep, then this is the solution for you. Our completely self-contained portable evacuation system will come to your facility and empty any propane tanks or cylinders you have in your yard and put that valuable gas back into YOUR storage. Your tanks are ready now to safely go on for reconditioning.

EVAC1 servicing the Eastern USA!

When you use EVAC1, what's in it for you?

  • Recover valuable gas from your tanks - sell the same thing TWICE!
  • Better utilize valuable steel
  • IMPROVE your image!
  • Tank evacuation done SAFER - EVAC1 is professionally equipped.
  • Get your tanks out working for you quicker
  • We recover an average of 1500 gallons a DAY from your yard!
  • At $2.00/gallon that is worth $15,000 to your bottom line!
  • Don’t waste your drivers & technicians’ time or put them at risk!
  • Let the experts do the heavy lifting.

Fire departments favor a facility that is kept clean and free from full cylinders!

As well as getting tanks ready to utilize for your customers and reclaiming lots of unaccounted for propane, it has been found that fire departments are quite favorable to facility clean up. Keep in mind, reducing the amount of full cylinders located at your facility reduces the chance of unexpected, unattended leaks that may occur.

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